Blame It On Email – Online Marketers 7 Biggest Sins

By Anna Zloczewska


Everyone has something to confess – including marketers. To put it mildly, some of their improper everyday techniques can really confuse their audience.

No wonder that unaware subscribers stopped believing in online marketing, treating emails as an unwanted spam. They drown in their inboxes full of pushy advertisements, which are coming literally out of nowhere. Unfortunately, the list of such bad practices is extensively long.

In this article you will find only a few, but the most common examples of online marketers biggest sins. It’s time to say “thanks for nothing” and cross them off from you everyday to-do list. Don’t let them hurt both your business and your subscribers anymore.

1. Wow, this list is so long, I should totally buy it!

No, you shouldn’t! This is probably the biggest and the most common mistake that beginner email marketers make. Unfair database providers tempt us with a vision of 10k subscribers gained in less than 3 minutes. However, is it really worth every single penny you spend on it?

The brutal truth is, you pay for useless data, letters with no meaning. In most of the cases those lists are stolen and they are full of the invalid addresses. Nothing good will come from sending emails to people, who don’t want to open your messages and don’t even know who you are. For your business’ sake, concentrate rather on creating a long-term relationship with the audience. In order to do this, you have to gain their trust – and building a long list of unknown names will not help you at all.

If you want to create a single promo campaign, the best solution is to ask a friendly website from the same branch if they could send your message to their database. If you buy a mailing list, you have absolutely no idea what the preferences of these people are. For example, cat owners won’t be interested even in the biggest sale ever, if the only product you want to sell is a dog chow. Buying a mailing list is a waste of money (The Don’ts of Email Marketing

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