Ask Me Anything About Email Marketing

By Tom Tate

We’re often blown away by the amount of awesome questions we get about email marketing.

From Quick Tips, to How-To posts, to our brand-new Video Library, we’re always looking for new ways to provide you with actionable answers to your most pressing questions.

To keep the engagement going, we’re launching a brand new weekly podcast that gives you a chance to ask questions, get answers and be featured on our show.

Ready to ask us anything?

Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Use the widget at the bottom of this page to record and send us a question about email marketing.
  2. We’ll select a question from the submission pool and track down one of our in-house email marketing experts (shouldn’t be hard to find!) to provide an answer.
  3. We’ll record their response, package it up with your question and release it as a new podcast episode each week. Each episode will also include extra resources to help you level up your email marketing.

There are so many topics to explore in email marketing. So if you struggle with design, content, measuring success or just getting started, leave us a message with a specific question and we’ll start answering!

A few notes on submitting:

  • Introduce yourself, and your business/email marketing venture. Please don’t share any spammy URLs.
  • Keep your question brief. Anywhere between 60-90 seconds would be ideal. Two-part questions are okay, too!
  • Keep it clean. We won’t accept any submissions with disrespectful or vulgar language.

If we select your question(s), we’ll air it! Please keep in mind that by submitting a question, you are agreeing to allow us to use your full, submitted audio clip on our podcast.

Ready to ask a question? Click the green button below!

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