Announcing AWeber’s Video Library

By Jason Moore

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Do you like videos? We do! We make lots of them. When AWeber first got started, we had a handful of videos teaching you how to use our features. Our video collection kept growing and growing. Before we knew it, we had videos all over the place. And that was a problem.

Content is great (I’m partial to video, if you couldn’t tell), but it doesn’t help anyone if that content is buried on your site or scattered amongst dozens of pages. That’s the problem we faced. Our solution? We’re proud to present AWeber’s Video Library.

What is AWeber’s Video Library?

The Video Library lets you browse all our videos in one convenient place. Want to learn how to get a form on your site? No problem! Looking for an interview we did with a customer a couple years back? Easy to find!

The Video Library includes a list of categories broken down into familiar, easy-to-understand terms. Let’s say you’re looking to build your subscriber list. Rather than have a category that just says “Forms,” there is a category that speaks to getting subscribers – the aptly named “Getting Subscribers” category.

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Stay tuned for new programming!

We’ll also be updating the Library with our ongoing series like QuickTips and brand new videos too! This way you have access to not only our archive of existing videos, but an easy way to find the newest, freshest content AWeber has to offer!

One thing we strive to do here at AWeber is make your life easier. Sure AWeber’s all about email marketing, but what good is that if it’s hard to do? AWeber’s Video Library is here to make your life easier.

Go ahead and check out the Video Library for yourself. We’d love to hear your feedback – drop us a line and let us know what you think!

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