A Simple Formula For Writing The Perfect Blog Post

By Katarzyna Perzyńska

How To Create A Content Calendar

Blogging is at the core of today’s online businesses, and you too should be producing high quality content which educates your audience and also helps them resolve the issues they might face. It’s necessary for your company to have a blog and publish articles on a regular basis.

However, apart from knowing what to write about, you should also learn what the correct content structure for maximizing your blog performance is. Without the right approach and plan, it’s likely you’ll be stuck with a great concept, without knowing how to express it.

Today you’re going to find out how you can use a helpful formula to create the perfect article that will allow you to convey your content in the most compelling way. Let’s dive in!

Data-driven content ideas

First of all you need to come up with content ideas for the next three months. Once you have your list of strategically chosen topics, create a schedule or a calendar calendar. This will organize your workflow and let you focus on writing timely content.

The process of generating ideas for blog posts should be based on:

  • your keywords list
  • competitor analysis
  • market trends
  • and your buyers’ expectations

All these factors are equally important upon implementing your strategy. Make sure you don’t skip anything mentioned above. It’s best to aim for evergreen content ideas because they will never go out of style and will continually drive organic traffic. Once you know what to write about, you can wrap it around the right structure to create the perfect blog post.

The one and only – headline

What gets read more than anything else on your site is the headline. Hence, you ought to become a master in How To Create A Content Calendar

  • “Content is King” – in Email Marketing Too
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