A Guide to Decentralizing Your Content Strategy

By John Waldron

Around what does your content marketing strategy primarily revolve? I’m going to take a well-educated guess – your blog. Am I right?

Having been in the content marketing game for many years now – first and foremost as a blogger – I have been living by the promise that if I write quality articles for the various websites that I’m involved with, then traffic and leads are only a few well-chosen words away.

In the past, this has been absolutely correct. Blogging has indeed been a solid strategy that Web 2.0 has welcomed in no uncertain terms. Following decades of businesses shoving interruptive marketing messages down consumers’ throats, content marketing has come as a welcome relief to an increasingly informed and digitally empowered world.

It’s certainly been a democratizing experience, as I’m sure all of you who are reading this will agree. Any business, large or small, can start a blog – and most have. Over the years, this has caused a seismic shift in the way marketing information gets distributed and consumed. Consumers no longer wait for a business to reach out to them. Instead, when they want to find out about something, they head online and conduct a search – and our blogs have been there to ensure that they are furnished with the information they’re looking for.

The purpose? To drive visitors to our websites. Blogs create interest, add value, build audiences and credibility and trust. Get your blog right, and conversions are just around the corner.


Change Is in the Air

However, consumer behavior is changing. And a few other things are changing, too. Namely, the power and positioning of social networks.

Blogs formed the center of content marketing strategies because they drew people to our websites, and websites formed the center of our businesses. We wanted our content to be consumed on our website, because that’s where we were also asking users to consume our goods and services.

But social networks are evolving in ways that are rapidly challenging this heretofore tried and trusted principle.

These days, content marketers need to be aware of some new trends facing the industry. Instead of continuing to centralize our strategies around blog posts and the occasional eBook, we need to be thinking about what’s happening on the likes of Devising A Content Strategy For Your Blog

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