8 Time-Proven Ways To Increase Twitter Engagement

By Kenneth Waldman


Twitter is one of the most important tools available. Like it or not, the platform has changed the foundation of consumer interaction and has taken center stage amongst other social media communities. The extremely public platform makes it easy for anyone to access, and using the social network strategically can immediately expand your overall business outreach.

However, understanding how it all works can be somewhat confusing. And in today’s competitive world of business, it’s necessary to figure out what methods work best for your business and brand. Twitter can quickly become an essential part of your marketing strategy if you know how to use it.

The first thing to learn is exactly how it’s all calculated. There are four main elements that are added together during a given report period when measuring your engagement results.

  1. @Replies
    A direct @reply is when a user tweets by using your handle at the beginning of their tweet (shown above).
    If a follower shares your message this is called a retweet (shown above).
  3. Mentions
    This is when a user includes your brand handle, but not as a direct @reply (shown above).
    When a user clicks the heart icon or like button on any of your posts.

The following will better explain the process and offer 8 ways to reach better results.

1. Tweet on the weekends & at peak times

Most social media engagement happens around noon on the weekends. These are considered peak tweeting days. However, you should also understand this is an average. Twitter is a worldwide community and people are connected at all times of the day. Research your followers and discover what times they’re viewing.

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