7 Copywriting Hacks to Boost Conversions

By Brenda Berg

Quality copywriting speaks for itself. When your copy is good, you can bring the public in and convert them into customers with ease. It’s a step that many marketers miss, but actually focusing on the quality of your writing is incredibly important. Here’s some useful hacks that you should know before you write another post for your company.

Copywriting hacks to improve your content

There are a lot of tips that can bring your writing up from ‘ok’ to ‘gold star’ quality. You’ve never even thought about most of them until now. Here’s what to keep in mind when you sit down at your keyboard.

1. Use customer-friendly language.

No one likes jargon. You may not even be aware you’re using it, though. Look at your copy. Is there anything in there that your customers may not understand? If so, delete it and replace it with language that that can understand easily.

2. Tell your story.

It’s so much easier to relate to a product if you’re telling a story about it. What is it to you? How has it changed your life? Make it personal and you’ll see the benefits.

3. Don’t beg with your call to action.

A call to action that says ‘Buy now!’ can put readers off, as they feel they’ve been pulled in with a dishonest sales pitch. Instead, offer a tease. Offer a 30 day trial, or a free sign up. They’re much more likely to take the bait that way.

4. Pay attention to your meta descriptions.

These are the text that displays under your URL in search results listings. If you appeal to the reader and show them why they should click, in 160 characters or less, then you’re half way to converting them already.

5. Use good design.

Your copy doesn’t mean anything if your readers can’t comprehend it. Don’t be afraid of white space, use a readable font, and only justify your text to the left. This makes the copy look neat and clean, inviting people in to read it.

6. Use the PAD technique.

Start off any post by describing a problem, something that makes the reader say ‘I deal with that all the time!’ Once you’ve done that, declare what your solution is. The next few paragraphs of your post can then go into more detail. It’s an effective way of drawing your readers in.

7. Appeal to the reader’s emotions

Emotion plays a bigger role in conversion than you may think. Think about the most popular brands that are around right now. What’s the component that connects them all? It’s the fact that their customers have an emotional bond with their products.

Apple is a good example of this. Their phones are beloved by millions, and anyone you know who owns one probably wouldn’t dream of switching to another brand. They’re iPhone users for life.

This is the kind of connection you’re trying to make with your readers. You want them to create an emotional bond with what you’re selling. The way to do that is to connect directly to their emotions, like so:


People desire to do better in their lives, to have better things, to progress in their lives. In your writing, you want them to feel as though your product will help them do that.


Everyone wants to trust companies they’re buying from. Speak to this need by promising ‘100% transparency’, or promising to let them in on secrets that no one else does.


Who doesn’t want to be part of the gang? Invite your readers in, tell them they’re part of a select group by choosing to read your website.


This is what drives people to look for solutions, even when everything else feels bleak and hopeless. Your writing needs to show them that there is a way forward, and that your product can help them.

The nuts and bolts of writing

Use useful online services to create content.

Of course you can’t always be creating your own content. It’s a full time job sometimes. That’s why it’s a great idea to outsource the work when you need to. There are plenty of portals online that can either help you create the content, or outsource it to a professional. For example, 20 Ways to Increase Your Sales Page Conversion

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