6 Unexpected Benefits of Marketing Automation

By Michael Brenner

Customer Retention – The Lost Art (And Science) Of Marketing

We know that a marketing automation system is a useful tool in our business arsenal. Lead nurturing, customer support and a range of other marketing tasks are all made much easier by implementing automation.

However, these are not the only benefits. Read on for some of the more unexpected benefits of marketing automation.

More time to develop other areas of business

What was the impetus that led you to pursue a career in business in the first place? Was it the thrill of applying your skill, talent and experience to all manner of different situations, and watching the fruits of your labors grow organically? Or was your career born from a passion for lead scoring, sending emails, and performing lots of fiddly little tasks?

I’m going to assume it was the former. If it was the latter, well, more power to you, but for the majority of us, these menial marketing and lead nurturing tasks simply get in the way.

Marketing automation is designed to support those tasks, handling them automatically while you spend time on more rewarding areas of business. This could include developing new products and services, creating Customer Retention – The Lost Art (And Science) Of Marketing

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