5 Tools Every Remote Worker Needs

By Cassie Phillips

13 Tools That Will Help You Proofread Your Copy And Improve Conversion Rates

Marketing has the potential to be an entirely online profession in the near future. The idea of a remote office is now embedded in our work culture, and many people are taking the opportunity to travel the world or take care of their family at home while still working hard every week. Given available communications technology, remote work might not only be doable but preferable for marketing opportunities.

There are unique challenges that pop up for remote workers. While none of them are insurmountable, you need to consider certain tools and practices for you to work your best and take your marketing strategy to the very top. If you’re already working away from an office, consider using these five tools (if you aren’t already) to make your day just a bit easier.

Email Tracking Software to Refine Your Process

The bread and butter of online marketing is email, and we don’t expect that to change anytime soon. That being said, many emails are wasted, and email techniques can always be improved. What makes one campaign more useful than another? How long after you send an email does it get read (if at all)? These are questions that, if you had the answers, would take your remote work to an entirely different level. Sometimes you don’t need to worker harder, just smarter.

If you’re looking for a good option, 13 Tools That Will Help You Proofread Your Copy And Improve Conversion Rates

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