5 Changes That Can Increase Your Website Visitor Conversions

By Wesley Tatterton

All the Online Advertising Opportunities for Your Business

You have your e-commerce website up and running, with all of the products you want to sell ready. Now you’re just waiting for the visitors to your site to make the final step and convert into a sale. It’s very important to maximize the amount of people who purchase as getting people to merely view your products can be a very expensive process. With the costs of Google AdWords, social media marketing, and other online advertising avenues can all add up to a large sum of cash, you want to ensure you make the most of the customers you do draw to your site.

The best ways you can do this is to ensure that the pages and products are optimized to meet your goal(s). How you optimize each page can be tricky however as there are quite a few options to try out. This blog post is going to discuss a 5 different changes that you can make to your products, order process and website that you can try out to increase the amount of people purchasing from you.

Inclusive wording

The way you word certain things dealing with your products and ordering process can have a surprising impact on your sales. Specifically, if you write to the client like you’re working with them, it gives a sense of teamwork and that it is a combined effort, not just them working by themselves. For example if you say “we‘re almost there” in place of “You’re almost there” when they’re in the check out. It also gives the impression that you are there to help them and it’s not just them and the company doing separate things. “We” also helps take off pressure off the client as the word gives the impression that responsibility doesn’t solely rest on them. Using the word “get” increased All the Online Advertising Opportunities for Your Business

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