4 Emails You Need To Get People Showing Up Live On Your Webinar

By Marya Jan


You spent ages creating and perfecting your webinar content. You took a ton of time structuring it just right so people will walk away with a ton of value. You agonized over your webinar topic for the longest time.

You methodically wrote each and every bullet point on the registration page so people can see how good your webinar is going to be and why they need to sign up for the event.

I get it.

Yes, webinars take a ton of work, but they also make you a ton of money. However, for this to happen, you need to get people to show up live.

Isn’t it a pity that after putting in so much time and effort, people fail to show up live? I remember a time when I had close to 500 people register for a webinar of mine and did you know how many showed up live? 22. That’s twenty two – I nearly had a panic attack that day.

Since then I have learned how to do webinars right, and by doing them right I don’t mean creating and structuring the content (I’ll talk about that in my next blog post). I mean doing the things it takes for people to make a commitment and show up live.

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