3 Tips for Embracing Mobile Technology Without Distraction

By Cheryl Baldwin

Lead Scoring Lessons from a Card Counter

Ever had a craving for a chocolate bar? Silly question, I know. Who doesn’t have cravings for chocolate bars? Bear with me for a second, though. When that craving hits, and you’re standing in front of a vending machine or the counter at a gas station, trying to figure out which chocolate bar you want, do you ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice? Twix? Kit Kat? Snickers? Dare I say, all three? How’s a hungry chocolate lover supposed to decide? Sometimes, our increasingly mobile world feels similar to the chocolate bar craving scenario.

Pull out your phone when you’re at the kitchen table, on a bus or even at work, and you’ve got any number of distractions at your disposal.

Play one of the 30 games you’ve downloaded? Check email? Cruise your Facebook and Twitter feeds? Watch a cat video on YouTube? Take a picture and post to Instagram? Call a friend? (Wait, do people still do that?…just kidding!)

Having this many options seems like an exaggeration, but we all know the reality is there are way more distractions on your phone than only the ones mentioned.

And we haven’t even mentioned tablets, laptops, video games or TV yet…

For marketers and marketing teams – who need to work with technology but equally need to avoid getting distracted by it – the struggle is real. Imagine handling chocolate all day and trying not to eat it. A marketer’s job is pretty much the same thing. Minus the chocolate and the eating, of course.

It’s vital for busy marketers and marketing teams to efficiently stay up-to-date with an industry that’s in-flux every single day. With our rapidly evolving world in mind (and now also chocolate), here are three tips to help marketers embrace mobile technology without getting distracted.

1. Use different technologies and devices.

Like it or not, part of the modern marketer’s job is that of a technologist. The fact is marketers can’t do their job correctly if they don’t understand, or can’t use various technologies. Marketing is digital, and Lead Scoring Lessons from a Card Counter

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