3 Shifts Shaking Up and Shaping Up the Market

By Dave Sutton


Since the early 1990’s, Marketing Technology (MarTech) has rapidly evolved and dramatically changed the ways that we connect, communicate, and collaborate, both as individuals and as businesses.

We’ve witnessed the convergent waves of consumer electronics, mobility, social media, cloud computing, and “big data” reshape how companies go to market and connect with customers in relevant, productive and profitable ways.

Equipped with information and linked through social media, customers will only continue to gain power and learn how to exercise it. As we look ahead to the year 2020, companies will need MarTech innovations to balance this shift in market power, keep up with customer demands and prepare to respond to these trends:

  • “Mass Marketing” will take on an entirely new meaning as the masses will control much of the dialog (and all of the authentic advocacy) about brands and their reputations.

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