20 Customer Experience Statistics You Need To Know

By Liz Greene

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Today’s digitally empowered customers have both high expectations and the ability to interact with brands when — and how — they want. They spend the majority of their money on companies that make them feel valued or catered to. As a result, if a brand wants to be successful, the customer experience has to be at the heart of their marketing strategy.

When customers come to a brand, they’ve already defined their expectations of both the nature of the interaction they want, and what they require in order to be satisfied. This puts tremendous pressure on the brand to understand what those expectations are and to deliver on them.

Numerous studies and surveys detailing the impact of customer experience have been released in the past decade. Findings demonstrate that consistently delivering a positive experience can increase brand loyalty, reduce churn, and give companies an advantage over competition.

Let’s explore further.

Social Media’s Impact on CX

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