12 (Mostly Free) Apps That Every Freelancer Needs

By Sara-Ruth Wolkiewicz

Freelancing. The appealing idea of staying home and typing away in your pajamas comes to every office worker every Monday (or Wednesday, if you’re a fan of the mid-week crisis). However, for 55 million Americans it’s not just an idea, it’s exactly what they can do, should they wish to do so.

Imagine that, (free)

So, this one is kind of a black sheep on this list of productivity apps. Why? Because it’s a game.

Working non-stop is a huge productivity killer, some would even argue that doing nothing makes you MORE productive! If you’re using pomodoro, or just common sense, take a break to look at something different than letters – numbers. 2048 is available for mobile and for desktop, it’s handy to have it open to swipe some numbers to give the brain a stretch between paragraphs.

12. Peak – Brain Training (free, plans from 3.99 USD/per month)

apps freelancers need

Stretching the mind is not enough, sometimes it needs to be challenged to be more. The more we train our focus, mental agility, memory, or even math skills – the more likely we are to think outside the box while keeping on track with our work.

Give your brain a treat so that it will work better and faster.


Whether it’s training your brain to help you stay focused, keeping track of time spent on a task, or figuring out your budget – you can be sure there is an app for that. Why not give these app “coworkers” a try and get your work-life balance in order thanks to a more organized and disciplined freelancer life?

Are there any apps that keep you motivated and focused while working? Comment below, I’d love to hear what awesome tips you have!

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