10 Things We Learned From Hillary Clinton About Email Marketing

By Jeff Lenney

Love her or hate her, Hillary Clinton just can’t seem to escape the public eye. It’s said that she enjoyed her work so much that she even used her personal server for official correspondence. Even though the FBI has found her to be innocent of any crimes, Hillary will always have a special relationship with emails. Here are 10 (pssst, top secret!) things that we learned from Hillary Clinton about email marketing.

(Jokes aside, this post has nothing to do with politics or Hillary, it’s just 10 killer tips for upping your email marketing game!)

1. Optimize your landing page.

Seriously, make it easy to subscribe to your newsletter!

Don’t irritate your visitors by being too pushy about it. Understand that people visit potentially hundreds of websites every day.

They get pestered to give up their contact information all the time – both on and offline.

If you want to truly connect with your audience, give them something that they like and want. Do something that sets you apart from the competition. This way, you are perceived to be ‘high value’ and trustworthy. Nobody has ever succeeded at any form of marketing by simply taking; you have to be a giver first.

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